Super Point Rewards

SuperPoint Rewards

Customer Spend Customer Get
MYR 1.00 10 SuperPoint
MYR 100.00 1000 SuperPoint

How it’s work?

Step 1 : Register as Supernice’s member
Step 2 : Book tickets at Supernice website or Supernice’s counter.
Step 3 : Earn super point on every purchase & redeem fantastic rewards

How to earn SuperPoint?

Step 1:Book a MYR 50.00 bus ticket
Step 2: Receive 500 SuperPoint
Step 3: Save them

You'll just need to register as supernice's member via our registration page, make a booking and your SuperPoint will be automatically assigned to your account.

How to redeem SuperPoint?

Step 1: Book a MYR20.00 bus ticket
Step 2: Redeem 1000 SuperPoint, worth MYR 2.80
Step 3: Pay only MYR17.20 for the bus ticket.

Period Earned Expiry Date
31 December 2020 and before 31 December 2021
1 January – 31 December2021 31 December 2022