Scania Safety Features

Scania Safety Features

The features include: Safety and technology, Disc brakes, Electronic Brake System (EBS), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with EBS, Brake Assist with EBS, Traction Control (TC) with EBS, Drag Torque Control (DTC) with EBS, Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Bus Stop Brake, Opticruise gearbox, Scania Hydraulic Retarder, Ergonomic driver area, Tyre pressure monitoring (TPM), Independent front suspension, Fire alarm sensors and Scania Connected Services.

Safety and technology
  • Intelligent support systems to assist driver
  • Efficient braking technology & comfort driver’s seat in term of ergonomics and safety
  • Wide-ranging testing & supreme quality materials to make sure every design aspect is safe and efficient
Disc brakes
  • Ability to function at high temperatures for long period while maintaining braking performance
  • Improved safety margin with repeated braking during hills descending
  • Lower the risk of “fading” by providing overcapacity
  • Asbestos-free brake linings for health & safety assurance
Electronic Brake System (EBS)
  • Every single wheel is equipped with electronics identify gripping capacity to distribute the traction or braking force
  • EBS comes with: Anti Blocking System (ABS), Brake Assist, Traction Control (TC), Drag Torque Control (DTC)
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with EBS
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is an automobile safety system that prevent one or more wheels from locking, while maintaining steer safely
  • ABS is electronically controlled & it’s faster compared with compressed air
  • Improved safety by short reaction times and simultaneous application to reduce the total braking distance
Brake Assist with EBS
  • Additional brake pressure added to help driver & fully utilized all the available friction
  • Provide same pedal position with same braking effect to prevent irrespective of the load
  • Improved traffic safety by fully decelerating emergency braking
Traction Control (TC) with EBS
  • Improved stability control to prevents wheels from spinning which could cause instability or skidding
  • Enhance traffic safety on slippery roads
Drag Torque Control (DTC) with EBS
  • Prevent wheels from locking during engine braking by improving lateral stability
  • Ability to request engine acceleration to matches speed of the vehicle and wheel while the wheels are slipping
  • Enhance drivability & traffic safety on slippery roads
Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
  • ESP system controls the throttle and brakes efficiently
  • Active safety system that protects car from tipping, under-steer and oversteer
  • Ability to detect when vehicle is at risk
Bus Stop Brake
  • Come with Electronic Brake System (EBS)
  • Bus stop brake make use of the wheel brakes to reduced pressure on all wheels
  • Activation and deactivation signals appear from body's electrical system when door are open
  • Reduce driver’s work load and enhance passenger safety
Opticruise gearbox
  • Fully automated & optimized gear changing
  • Handy & safe driving environment
  • Electro-hydraulic clutch control
  • Economical driving model
  • Decrease synchromesh wear
  • Decrease clutch wear
Scania Hydraulic Retarder
  • Excellent braking performance - 3000 Nm, yet to deplete brake and the standard wheel brake system
  • Constant downhill braking possible, low risk of brake overheating
  • Provide outstanding operating economy, high safety and maximize the average of speeds
  • Integrated into the gearbox
  • Lever or brake pedal operated
Ergonomic driver area
  • Provide driver to sit in a constrained posture
  • Qualified steering wheel and steering column fit the strict requirements in term of safety
  • Steering column and pedals are integrated to provide the maximum safety protection
  • Controls with minimize reach
Tyre pressure monitoring (TPM)
  • Equipped with safety sensors on rims and display tyre pressure in the instrument cluster
  • Warning signal is given when there is high or low tyre pressure
  • Lower fuel consumption proven
  • Low possibility of tyre wear and therefore lower maintenance costs
Independent front suspension
  • Improved stability and safety
  • Perfection of the stiffness for double decker vehicles
  • Low unsprung mass for good comfort
Fire alarm sensors
  • Three fire alarm sensors are installed with the electrical wiring on each chassis in engine compartment
Scania Connected Services
  • Handy & convenient
  • Access through Scania Fleet Management portal
  • Spot deviations in vehicle and driver performance
  • Updated performance trends
  • Vehicles and drivers comparison
  • Driver coaching or training planning
  • Exception reports
  • Service planning according to how your fleet runs
  • Map functionality
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Accumulated driving time information
  • Lower fuel consumption. A well-trained driver can reduce fuel consumption by 5-15%